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Everything you need to create your next plated dessert.

Everything you need to create
your next plated dessert.

Welcome to The Dessert Lab – your dedicated platform for plated desserts, designed for pastry chefs seeking inspiration and efficiency.

Are you a pastry chef struggling to find innovative ideas and reliable recipes without wasting precious time? The Dessert Lab is here to streamline your creative process and help you create beautiful desserts in a short time.

The Dessert Lab simplifies the dessert-making process, saving you time and effort while ensuring consistent and impressive results with the help of our Pastry Chef Ilaria, who is here to assist you every step of the way.

With a vast collection of resources and tools, explore our extensive recipe library packed with diverse plated dessert creations, and discover elements to compose your plated desserts.

The platform is divided into spaces, including The Dessert Hub, Plated Formula, Elements, and Tips and Resources, each offering unique features to help you create your own plated desserts in no time!

Your Gateway to Pastry Perfection

Connect, consult, and grow with other pastry professionals at The Dessert Hub. This central space allows for real-time interaction with experts like Chef Ilaria and a global community of pastry chefs, ensuring you're always part of an active and supportive network.

✓ Ask anything to Chef Ilaria via the Dessert Help Line Consultancy.
✓ Community feedback and creative support from global pastry chefs.
✓ Latest updates on recent dessert trends & recipes at TDL Home.
✓ Engage in vibrant discussions to share and gain new pastry insights.

Multi-Step Plated Dessert Recipes to Inspire Your Creativity

Plated Formulas offer fully realized plated desserts that can be adapted to any dining occasion. Sorted into themed and seasonal plated dessert recipes, each with multiple elements, you'll find an amazing array of desserts to inspire your next menu.

✓ Access multi-element, fully scalable dessert recipes.
✓ Themed Plated Desserts like Vegan, World-inspired & Cocktail.
✓ Enjoy modular recipes that adjust to meet your needs.
✓ All recipes are provided in grams for precision and consistency!

A Growing Library of Dessert Components

Explore an ever-expanding collection of over 500 recipes meticulously organized into 41 categories. From crumbs to sponges, ganaches to Namelaka, Mousses to Glazes, and beyond, within the Elements space, you'll discover all the vital components for your upcoming dessert creations.

✓ Over 500 individual recipes across 41 categories.
✓ Recipes include namelakas, foams, sponges, veils and more.
✓ Convenient mobile app access for recipe availability on the go.
✓ Customizable recipes to fit various dessert concepts and flavors.

Desserts to Complement Your Plated Masterpieces

Compounds are indispensable for chefs looking to diversify their dessert offerings beyond plated creations. This section offers scalable recipes for treats like macarons, panna cotta, cheesecakes, entremets, and more, all customizable to perfectly complement your plated desserts.
✓ Base recipes for key dessert components.
✓ Explore recipes for macarons, cookies, tarts, popsicles, and more.
✓ Mobile app access for recipe availability on the go.
✓ Customizable recipes to fit various dessert concepts and flavors.

Everything a Pastry Chef Needs

Equipped with handy tools, guides, and dessert insight, Tools & Resources is designed to help you to refine your pastry skills.
✓ Insight on ingredients and equipment used.
✓ Dessert digest: learn about the science behind baking.
✓ Monthly skill-enhancing challenges.
✓ 24/7 access to TDL via iOS and Android apps.

It’s not just a membership; it’s the world’s first platform dedicated to helping pastry chefs to create incredible Desserts from scratch.

 If you have any questions or need more information before joining, please feel free to reach out at: [email protected] and speak to us directly!